Do I need a digital signage screen with a glass front?

Digital Signage screen with a tempered glass front

Kieran Sloyan |

If a digital signage screen is mounted away from areas where it may be hit or bashed such as above counters, in windows displays and generally away from children, there is no real need to have extra protection over the LCD panel. As an example, at the budget end of the range we have the (best selling) Network Digital Menu Board which includes a wall mount, 3 year warranty, delivery and 12 months CMS subscription. We have supplied this range to clients all over the UK including Zoos, cafes, restaurants, food trailers, shops and offices. This is an excellent entry level product range and when the screens are mounted in the right location they do not require a glass front. 

If you are looking for a robust digital signage screen for a high footfall public areas such as shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, leisure centres or high street stores then our tough tempered glass front will protect the LCD panel from damage. Tempered glass is included in the flagship android advertising display range, freestanding screens, outdoor screens and touch screens. 

 Digital Signage Screen with tempered glass front installed in a theatre

In the Android Advertising Display range the glass has a thickness of 5mm and an IK08 rating. If an impact is strong enough to break the glass it will crumble into small granular chunks rather than shards. Not only does this prevent injury, it also protects the LCD panel from damage.

In conclusion, do I need a digital signage screen with a glass front, well it completely depends on where your digital signage screens will be installed. For further information on digital signage solutions with tempered glass fronts please do not hesitate to get in touch.