How to turn an existing screen into a web enabled digital signage screen?

Network Media Players to convert TV into Digital Signage Screen

Kieran Sloyan |

A new client recently contacted us looking to update their existing digital signage screens with a new media player solution. They had invested in a number of displays a few years ago which where installed across their leisure estate however they were unable to remotely publish and update content on the screens with the original external media players. The screens were already mounted in the correct locations, connected to power (with a spare socket) and all bar one had wifi available. The existing digital signage screens were all working fine and the client was sure they had a number of years of usage left in them. So the client was keen to find a retrofit solution which didn’t break the bank. 

We proposed the use of our Network Media Player which the client connected to the existing digital signage screens via HDMI (VGA also available). The Network Media Player does have an ethernet socket however the client preferred to use wifi option enabling the Network Media Player to communicate with our content management system As one of the existing screens was out of wifi range and no ethernet cables were available we upgraded one of the Network Media Players to use a 4G module enabling the client to plug in a small SIM card. Unlimited data SIM card are now available for just £5 per month! 

network media player

The installation was completed by the client themselves and it took only a few minutes to setup each Network Media Player. If you would like to upgrade existing TV or Digital Signage screens using a Network Media Player please do not hesitate to get in touch.