What are Network Upgrades and Content Management Systems?

All-in-One Network Screen using cloud-based software

Kieran Sloyan |

You can order a network upgrade for all our Plug and Play screens. This is a hardware change to the digital signage screen's built in media player. It will enable you to remotely update your screen(s) via LAN, WiFi or 4G. Without a network upgrade you will need to update your screen with a USB stick. 

If your screens are out of arms reach, located remotely or you would like to use some of the advanced features of our digital signage range a CMS Subscription will give you full access to My Signage Portal. 

Remotely updating a screen is extremely simple and you have the full support of our team to get you up and running. We will setup an account for you on the secure Content Management System (CMS) to upload media, manage playlists, create your own templates and schedule content.

No special software installation or dedicated PC is required, you can securely update your screens from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our team are on hand to help you design, implement and manage your screens. 

CMS Subscriptions are available to order for 1 year, 3 years or lifetime. Our Network Digital Menu board includes a 1 year CMS subscription as standard.