How does Plug and Play work on a digital signage screen?

plug and play digital signage screen

Kieran Sloyan |

Plug and Play screens are a simple and low cost option which is available on most product in our digital signage range. Plug and Play usage does not require any network hardware, an internet connection or CMS subscription. 

Updating a screen is as simple as setting up your images or videos on a USB stick and plugging it into your screen. The images and videos are copied to the internal flash memory on the screen. When you remove the USB stick the screen will start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop. For more advance use we can supply free Scheduling Software for displaying different content at different times of the day as well as setting image display durations and transition effects.

You can still set your screen to automatically turn on an off at a particular time each day. For a low cost simple solution our plug and play range is a great starting point.