Leasing & Finance a Digital Signage Solution

Why do our clients lease digital signage solutions for their businesses?

  • Cash flow - Allowing you to keep cash in your business for other uses.
  • Alternative funding lines - No need to use up an existing bank facility.
  • VAT - On lease rental agreements VAT is paid on the rental, not in full and upfront.
  • Tax planning - Using a lease purchase agreement, if your investment in assets in one year is £200,000 or under, subject to some HMRC conditions, this expenditure can be fully offset against Corporation Tax. For many customers, a lease rental is a great solution as all rental repayments are allowable against Corporation Tax.
  • Budgeting - A lease repayment covers the cost of the equipment and interest. This makes internal allocation of costs very easy for those companies wishing to divide the cost by headcount, department or even square footage.
  • Flexibility - It’s easy to budget for a fixed rental payment over a three or five year term.
  • Pay for the equipment as you use it - Would you pay a new employee three years’ salary in advance, probably not. So why pay for their desk, computer or car in advance?

Example Calculation:

A 43" Network Digital Menu Board package including:

  • 43" Network Digital Menu Board
  • Lifetime CMS subscription
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Free wall mount
  • 3 year warranty
  • Graphic design support

Would cost only cost £23.25 per month or £5.36 per week! 



digital signage finance

Please use our leasing calculator to give you an indication of the monthly rental. Simply enter the cost of digital signage solution you would like to install, the term you would like, and state if you have been trading over three years or not.

All quotes are subject to credit acceptance and status, an additional deposit and personal guarantees may be required. The calculator rates are also quoted on a 3+ profile meaning for example on a 3 year lease there’s 3 monthly payments upfront, followed by 33 monthly repayments.


Please call us on +44 (0)1225 282117, click the chat button, or email us at info@impactdigitalsignage.co.uk for further details. We will aim to provide the lowest lease rates and aim for over a 90% credit approval for all digital signage leasing requirements. Leasing options are not available for Sole Traders and Partnerships.